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The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB (Special Blend) is the epitome of neck braces, reaching technological safety features that could only be achieved through the years of research Alpinestars invested.
Alpinestars designed the Bionic Neck Support SB to work in conjunction with the helmet when contacted during an accident to dissipate energy throughout the upper body therefore reducing possible injury.
The front of the Bionic Neck Support SB utilizes a quick release buckle to open, working off a hinge at the rear. The rear pivot key system is constructed out of durable and lightweight magnesium and allows for the brace to be dismantled in an emergency.
Through Alpinestars research they realized, to provide the utmost safety there needed to be breakaway points. The rear stabilizer is backed with foam that will deliberately bend or fracture during high pressure. This foam continues through the shoulders and chest area with the same features that relieve pin-point pressure.
Alpinestars added protection against damaging the collar bone with the Bionic Neck Support SB. Nothing protrudes through the bottom of the shoulder area that could cause injury.
Proper fitment can be achieved with the aid of the various thickness foam on the under side of the shoulder area of the Bionic Neck Support SB.
Alpinestars constructed the frame from a blend of reinforced Polyurethane to allow the Bionic Neck Support SB to be forgiving with high strength for load distribution.
Different riding styles may call for different mounting straps. The Bionic Neck Support SB includes the X-strap or there is the optional upgrade of the A-Strap which wraps around the chest for a more snug fit.
Note: the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB, as with any other neck brace, can not completely provide injury avoidance. The Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB, like other neck braces, will however, provide some level of protection in most impacts. You are involved in a dangerous sport where no product can provide a guarantee of injury avoidance. Ride within your ability.
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